We trade only weekly options that expire on Friday. We take trades on Friday at market open and close those trades the same day before market close.

Weekly Options
That Consistently Delivers Results.

90% -100%  Win Probability Signals!



Becoming a free subscriber is an excellent way to try our alerts to see if our strategy work for you. You can use our alerts to paper trade everything OptionsByFriday has to offer without risking any money.

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Probability Scanner

In today's complex market environment, its difficult to assess the entire market situation. A perfect solution to this problem is an automatic market scanner. It helps us to identify trades with a high probability of success.


High Probability Trades

With our proprietary scanner we will be able to scan over 100 popular stocks symbols. We select only those that have 90%-100% win probability. The System has several safeguards to keep losses to a minimum.

Real Time Data

We do not send any alerts. Instead we give you access to our live data ProbScanner where you can choose symbols that have 100% win probability. Step-by-step instructions are provided to each member. We trade call options only.


ProbScanner Accuracy

ProbScanner Software, which predicts market trends with up to 87.7% accuracy. ProbScanner high-probability forecasts of market trend direction helps traders anticipate changes in price direction, rather than merely identifying trends after the fact, and gives them confidence to take trading signals.

Proven Trading System
developed to trade weekly options on more than 120 US stocks.

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Friday Options Play

Conservative 30% Win Target


  The ProbScanner Features

   The ​​trading system uses in its calculation of price movement direction with 24 technical indicators.

  • The following Indicators used in our System are:  AC- Accelerator Oscillator, ADX Average Directional Movement Index, Alligator Indicator, CCI-Commodity Channel Index, Bulls Power, Bears Power, Force Index, MACD, Momentum Indicator, OBV- On Balance Volume, OSMA- moving Average of Oscillator, PSAR , RSI, Stoch, WPR , SMA, EMA, SMA & EMA Crossover Indicator, DeMarker, MFI - Money Flow Index, RVI- Relative Vigor Index, AO- Awesome Oscillator.


  • Our ProbScanner system generates alerts on high probability trades. As the system monitors 24 indicators, therefore,  the prediction is very accurate.

  • The ProbScanner Trading System uses in its calculation of price movement direction with 24 technical indicators. The prob scanner displays the result of these calculations on the graph as an information window with a percentage indicating the strength of the forecast of the price direction. 

  • The ProbScanner is the greatest  system based on trend directions and current momentum's. This system does most of the price action analysis with its powerful trend detecting tools. 


  • ProbScanner is considered as one of the best option trading systems for its consistent signaling performance and steady win rates. The system is easy to follow and execute.


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