About ProbScanner Trading System

How We Work Each Friday

Each Friday, during the first hour of market open, no later than by 10:30 AM EST, our goal is to select options that may turn a profit as quickly as possible. We select options that we believe may bank profits up to 500% in the next few hours.

Our scanner will provide you with 100% win probability symbols. It is up to you to decide which stock you would want to trade. You open and close trades at your own discretion. We do not email or text recommendation alerts as you will have live real time access to our scanner. All of the Alerts live. To provide extra safety, usually, we buy positions that have at least 90% win probability and preferably 100%,  according to our Probability Scanner. We trade only call options.

You as a trader will have access to our live scanner and will be able to choose 100% win probability symbols.  You can trade as many symbols as you are comfortable with. Each Friday morning ProbScanner  will deliver several opportunities for buying calls , unless the market is very bearish.  You should expect at least ten high probability alerts each month.

We have been trading our ProScanner system successfully since 2016. Since inception, our policy is to report exactly what we do, 100% fully and accurately. We don’t just tell you a selection of our winners, we report ALL of our ProScanner results. 

We are the best weekly options alert service. We hope that you'll join us.

*Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Losses do and will occur. 

Best wishes

OptionsByFriday Team

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